7 Hearts

If Jesus is the bedrock of my life, Jimmy is the rich topsoil. He covers me, nourishes me, and surprises me daily. In the spirit of our first Valentine’s Day as one flesh, I would like to share 7 ways Jimmy steals my heart.

1. He loves Jesus and me fiercely


Had you asked me 5 years ago, this sadly would not have been a qualification for marriage. But thankfully God knows exactly what we need before we say a word.

Jimmy seeks Jesus in a completely different way than me. His faith reminds me of Peter’s, a born leader blindly submitting to something larger than himself, throwing his life all-in to this all-powerful God with no fear and no regrets. He is a rock, sure of what he believes and ready to act on it. He would be the one to swing a sword when his Lord is threatened. Yet he knows the battle is the Lord’s and waits for his calling.

He is also my Cephas (rock). He is my solid ground to fall back on, relentlessly loving me and protecting me. When he asked me to be his bride, he said “I will overcome impossible odds for you.” And that he has done time and time again. He loves me as Christ loves the church, though she is imperfect and blemished, He sees her as perfect. Jimmy sacrifices himself for my needs and purifies me in doing so. He loves me more than he loves his own life.

2. He completely accepts me for exactly who I am


I never expected to be accepted. I am quirky and analytical to a fault. I am a know-it-all and a perfectionist. I am an out-doer and an individualist. This drives people far away. But Jimmy is different. He doesn’t want to change me. He wants to know me.

He seeks into the inner workings of my heart and figures out why I am how I am. He reads me perfectly and adjusts his style to fit my quirks. He competes with me when I try to out-do him. He searches for answers with me, even if they may differ from his opinion. He serves my needs as best as he can, and this starts with spending the time to listen to me and the energy to comprehend all of my complications.

3. He encourages me to be the best version of me.


Though I am a recovering perfectionist, I am so imperfect. Sometimes my hormones are out of whack or I let little things steal my joy. Sometimes I take it out on him.

But his love is relentless. He does not shy away from my storm, but shows me how turbulent the skies of my mind have become when I am blinded by the pouring rain. He challenges me to seek the truth and apply it to my life. He is not afraid to ask tough questions. He seeks harmony in our marriage and puts on the brakes when something is awry.

He encourages me to pursue the dreams God has for me and become the woman He created me to be.

4. He sweeps me up into his adventures.


 I believe man’s natural tendency is to be a Lone Ranger. Of course no husband is actually a one-man-show, but not all take the effort to include their wives in their adventures.

Jimmy is sporadic in all the ways I am methodical. He pushes me out of my comfort zone and asks, “what have we got to lose?” He disregards schedules and isn’t afraid to break petty rules. He sees the adventure in today and doesn’t want to know what tomorrow will hold.

He always wants me by his side, riding shotgun in his ride of life. Sometimes I tell him how to drive or make snide remarks, but still he wants me.

He shares the details with me. He requests and values my opinion. He wants to tackle the impossible with me and never doubts that I am up for the task.

5. He is willing to fight for what he believes in


 My husband does nothing halfway. He would rather abstain if he knows he can’t be all-in. He does not shy away from confrontation, rather he thrives on it. He relentlessly seeks the truth and has no desire for political correctness. He is not afraid to question, and in doing so, establishes that what he believes is true.

While I am a peacemaker, he is a warrior. He fights for the truth and fights for me, unafraid of personal injury. He challenges the status quo and always keeps me on my toes. Boldness is engrained on his heart and zealousy for the Lord flows through his veins.

6. He is always on my side.


 He will defend me to the grave, even if I’m wrong. He never pokes fun at me in front of others, something I am often guilty of. He brags about me to everyone he meets, and our conversations often start with “today I was telling so-and-so about this awesome thing you did.”

He is proud to have me and show me off. He knows my insecurities and refuses to run, but confronts them head on with truth.

7. He is on the inside exactly who you see on the outside.


 If there’s one thing Jimmy is not, it’s a phony. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is never bothered by the opinions of others. He would rather be himself than please anyone. He never plays games and always says what he means. He is not afraid to share his feelings and doesn’t expect me to read his mind (guilty).

He knows who God created him to be and trusts Him to fill that role. I sometimes don’t know what to expect from him with each new day, but I always know I am getting the most genuine version of him, for that’s all he knows to give.

 7 things is not enough to encompass how deeply and passionately I love this man. Words will never be sufficient to convey my feelings. A photograph could never represent how he looks at me.

Glory to God for binding me to such a compatible partner.

 You are passionately pursued. Shine on.
February 17, 2016



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    February 14, 2017

    I smile the entire time I read it. Thank you.