Washed by the Water

A poem of mourning written the day we were supposed to leave for our honeymoon to Kauai

High sky descends to low ground,

Leafs frolic as rains pound,
Lofty trees submerged in Gray.
World bereft of rhythm,
Reveals internal schism,
My faith begins to sway.
Our perfect plans of sunshine fail,

Water floods this dismal vale,
Not supposed to be this way.

The Gray

I do not like maybes, no I do not. I prefer to dwell in black and white, where gray must choose a side or risk obliteration.

Perhaps this is why I became an engineer. Either the answer is right or it’s wrong, as defined by fundamental truths.

But I do not…

And Be Thankful ~part two~

This is part two. Click here for part one. 

My heart is filled with gratitude in this season. And gratitude cannot be fully realized until it is expressed. Though the minute-by-minute days are long and painful, the overwhelming essence of this season is warmth and tenderness and devotion.
3. Our clan

And Be Thankful ~ part one ~

“Rejoice in the Lord always.”

A little insensitive, don’t you think…if only you knew what I’m going through…if you could feel this pain and see through my eyes, surely you would have something more comforting to say…

“I will say it again: Rejoice!” – Philippians 4:4

A command to rejoice can feel…

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Wrestling with the place of tradition in a Christian wedding and, ultimately, the kingdom of God.

Photo credits to Faith Photography, whose person is as beautiful as her art.

It is no secret that we were not married in a traditional wedding. There’s something about eloping that tends to stomp all…

3 Prayers for Suffering

“Thank you for praying for me.”

“Absolutely, it’s the least I can do. Are you sure I can’t do something more…helpful?”

I have heard it. I have said it. I have believed it. Praying is the least I can do. In a world that glorifies the big, the noticeable, the flashy, and the…

In Light of Suffering

I’m not supposed to be writing about suffering. I am supposed to be writing about weddings and celebrations and vacations and youthfulness and sunshine and rainbows. The things of happiness and joy!

And yet, in writing about suffering, I am also writing about joy.

I must admit that I am suffering. I do…

To Be Cared For

I still can’t even. I have severe pain in every joint and a mental cloud has descended on me, rendering me unable to carry conversation, solve problems, or even think rationally. In short, everything that what makes me “me” is being stripped away. Somehow through this pain, the only…

I Can’t Even

I can’t even…

Fill in the blank: think, walk, conversate, function, work. This is me right now.

I don’t say “can’t” often. I am an all-in, get it done, multi-tasking, productive, results-driven doer.

I do. I can’t just be. There is always an “and” to accompany my rest.

But right now my body…

Her Vows

The Divine orchestrated a magnificent day before our very eyes on August 6, 2016 at our Covenant Celebration at Lapham Peak State Park. Though we will never know all the implications of that day, we do not dare keep His work a secret. This is the first in a series of reflections, memoirs,…