Lead Me

No no no. It was all wrong. My shoulders slump as tears rush to my eyes. I didn’t want a fight this morning, didn’t want to drive to work angry.

It was my fault, really. I had told him a month before about a bible study I had signed us…

The Birds of the Air

I returned from the women’s retreat with our church, feeling sort of like an unwelcome spotlight shining in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping.

My light may disrupt the darkness, but isn’t that the point? God doesn’t shine light in my life so I can keep it…

The Reason

The number one question we as humans want answered is “am I going to be okay?”

A close second is “why?” Why do earthquakes wreak havoc on those that desperately need hope? Why do terrorists murder innocent people? Why are families torn apart? Why do bank accounts run dry, and…

The House that is Building Us

Sunday will mark a year since we bought our house. We have taken an entire trip around the Sun from inside these walls.

These windows have seen rain, this carpet has gotten stained, and through these walls has passed resounding laughter and uncontrollable sobs.

This home has housed the best year…

Chase – Tomorrow

Following the fleeting future purloins the promises of the present.

This is my final post in my Chase series. If you missed my first Chase post find it here.

The entire month of February, I was under-content. My heart was fixed on spring and the sparkling snow lost its luster in…

Chase – Perfection

The steps to recovery for an (almost) reformed perfectionist

If you missed my first Chase post, find it here. 

What is perfection? I am both baffled and humbled by the realization that God is perfection.Without God, there is no notion of perfect. What can an atheist call perfect? But I don’t…

Raise My Soul

Last Sunday, our pastor preached a knock-your-socks-off sermon. He said “we have two books by which we know the character of God.” I was shocked! I’m pretty sure we only have one book…

But he clarified that the other book is the visual manuscript of Creation, on display for all…

Chase – Riches

3 practical ways I am fleeing the pursuit of money.

If you missed my first Chase post, find it here.
Can I tell you a secret? I hate money. Well I don’t hate having money, but I hate the power it has over me. I hate how easily I fall into…

Chase – Recognition

Renouncing the praise of people to embrace the praise of my Father.

If you missed my first Chase post, find it here.

Jimmy and I are participating in a study group at our new church, and one of the assignments is to read through all 4 gospels in 4 weeks. We…

Chase – Romance

You may wonder why I, a euphoric newlywed, place romance first on my chase list. Truth be told, chasing the affection of men is what prevented me from surrendering my heart to Jesus for way too long.

If you missed my first Chase post, find it here

We read it, sing…


5 things I find my heart chasing after

We are creatures who love a chase. It starts in childhood; if someone starts running, our instant reflex is to go after them. This need for chase usually blossoms in the teen years, when we are chasing anything and everything, just to…