1. I am an unashamed Jesus-freak, God’s girl, a sinner saved by grace through His faith, and a whole-hearted advocate for the ministry of Paying Attention. I believe God is on the move every day in every corner of the world.
  2. I am an engineer by trade, a mathematician by schooling, and an artist at heart.
  3. I am a wife and co-sojourner to the love of my life.
  4. I am an aspiring blogger, artist, photographer, author, web developer, cook, and Bible scholar attempting to trust God with that strikethrough.
  5. I am a reformed perfectionist and know-it-all learning to find perfection and true wisdom in the One who has already attained it.
  6. I am a home body with a green thumb and dirt under my fingernails. I am usually found in the kitchen, on the deck, or around the yard cooking, cleaning, dreaming, creating, tending, mending, reading, and being.
  7. This blog is my story. It is bits and pieces of my heart, my past, my passion, my relationships, and my community. These posts are the most clear looking-glass into my life, short of sitting across the table over coffee with you. By the way, can we do that?