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You may wonder why I, a euphoric newlywed, place romance first on my chase list. Truth be told, chasing the affection of men is what prevented me from surrendering my heart to Jesus for way too long.

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We read it, sing it, and exclaim it, God loves us. I have no trouble accepting this idea.

It can be summed up in a concise, vastly complex statement:

“God is love.” – 1 John 4:8

God’s love is so much higher and so much bigger than any love I have ever known…to the point that I sometimes fail to understand it.

And where there is misapprehension, there are almost-truths. And where there are almost-truths, the enemy is lurking.

He convinces us that God’s love is not real enough to plug the very real void we feel. So we try to fill it with the thing created in His very image…man.

When Jimmy and I started dating, I longed to know everything about him, spend every minute with him, pour my life into him, and give up everything for him. But he refused to let me. 


Since he refused to be Jesus to me, I finally let the real Jesus seek me. And I finally began to understand my desire to know and spend and pour and give up for Him. And as I let Him seek me, the Divine orchestrated a far better love story than the disastrous one I was bound for.

He let Jimmy fall in love with the Holy Spirit inside of me. 


Lest you “aww” too much, I seriously doubt Jimmy or I actually understood this at the time. But the truth is even the most compatible, fully-devoted spouse cannot love unconditionally, serve selflessly, and be fully present 100% of the time.

Chasing this fleeting, failing kind of love leads us straight for self-loathing.

Fleeting romance tells us “try harder.” God’s love tells us “Stop trying so hard, and let Me move.”
Fleeting romance tells us “you will never be enough.” God’s love tells us “I created you exactly how I intended, and you have always been enough.”
Fleeting romance tells us “do what ever it takes to keep him.” God’s love tells us “Obey my commands, for they are for your protection. Keep your eyes fixed on Me.”
Fleeting romance tells us “act now or you will miss your chance.” God’s love tells us “wait on Me, and your patience will be rewarded.
Fleeting romance tells us “hide your flaws or he will run away.” God’s love tells us “I will lead you to the one whose quirks complement yours.”


I realize it’s sort of hypocritical for a married woman to give advice to a seeking single. But in my short season of singleness, this is what I wish someone would have told me:

Embrace this season! Right now, you can fully seek Jesus with limited distractions. Pour your life into Him and watch Him work in your heart. Ask God to prepare your heart for your husband, and pray that He will also prepare his heart for you.

Take this time to pursue your passions, your dreams, and God’s plans for you without worrying about whether your future husband will approve. Find yourself without changing your interests with each new boyfriend.

Because right now, it’s just you and God.

Jimmy will fail me, and I will fail him. If we place each other in God’s place in our hearts, the results  will be devastating. We aren’t designed to be let down by God, because God never fails.

Our marriage works only because we parallelly seek Jesus side by side. And the mutual pursuit binds us together.

There are numerous symbols designed into my wedding ring (which I will probably share at some point), but one of my favorites are the parallel bands that run around the back of the ring, to represent this very concept.


A relationship on His terms, under His orchestration, with His blessing is designed to lead us to Him.My husband and I are twisted cords, quickly unraveled. My husband, Jesus, and I are a braid, held together by the third entity.

Jimmy is not my better half, he is my better third. We are still incomplete without our best third.
February 23, 2016


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