Last Sunday, our pastor preached a knock-your-socks-off sermon. He said “we have two books by which we know the character of God.” I was shocked! I’m pretty sure we only have one book…

But he clarified that the other book is the visual manuscript of Creation, on display for all to see. We went on to discuss how the beauty, complexity, harmony, and overall goodness of Creation gives insight into the Maker, even to those who have never heard the truth.

Our assignment for the week was to watch a sunrise and write a poem about it. I’m sure some in the congregation were not as thrilled as I, but I was ecstatic!

Unfortunately the first 4 mornings of the week looked like this:


 While fog is beautiful, it does not allow for a great sunrise-viewing experience. Until Friday came.


So I’m sitting at home with my journal and a pen and God puts on this amazing show right before my eyes. Sun breaking in the east, moon setting in the west. Perfectly clear with the exception of a few whispy clouds to enhance the colors.

Inspired is almost too light of a word.

It was one of those times when the words just leap from Him to my pen, bypassing me completely. To be the mediator is such an honor. But this poem should be accredited to Him.

 Raise My Soul

Darkness covers all the land,
The snow, the grass, the rocks, the sand;

I quiet my heart and wait for the light,
Eyes fixed to the east from this great height;

Pitch black fades to gray, then orange and blue,
All creation before me is being made new;

Then bursting forth a single ray,
Bringing me hope for this new day;

Higher and higher the orb does rise,
As unnameable colors paint the sky;

The bigger it gets, the smaller I feel,
Surrounded by glory I can’t help but kneel;

The clouds arranged perfect, and not by chance,
To Your marvelous rhythm they all do dance;

How have I missed this, day after day?
Your true character is on full display;

So I fall on my face before You, Lord,
How could I not shout your praises forevermore?

Oh creative uncreated One,
You raise my soul with the Sun.


He is a dependable God. For millions of years, the sun has risen right on time. Depend on Him to raise up whatever needs to be uplifted in your life. Shine on.
February 27, 2016
March 4, 2016